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    ICP Securities Inc. has been an exceptional partner, significantly enhancing our trading experience and capital markets journey. Their proactive communication ensured we were always well-informed about market conditions and updates, fostering a strong foundation of trust and reliability. Their superior reporting capabilities provide detailed, accurate, and comprehensive insights into our anonymous trading activity, which enabled us to make informed decisions and optimize strategies. In addition, the firm has now added a low latency, co-located market making algorithm which provides significant market support, with state-of-the-art infrastructure ensuring optimal cost of capital discovery. This technological advantage has directly contributed to increased trading volumes in several client examples. ICP Securities Inc.'s commitment to excellence across all aspects of their operations makes them an invaluable partner, and we highly recommend their services to any firm seeking a top-tier market maker.

    Christina McCarthy,

    B.Sc. Geology. President, CEO at Paycore Minerals Inc.

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    Since we began working with ICP Securities, we've noticed a remarkable improvement in the health of our quotes and a significant increase in our average daily volume. Their sophisticated algorithms and strategic approach have effectively shielded us from toxic order flow, stabilizing our trading environment and enhancing our market position. The team's deep understanding of market dynamics and their proactive communication have been instrumental in our success. Their dedication to maintaining high-quality liquidity has not only optimized our executions but has also increased the confidence expressed in our quote. This partnership has undoubtedly been a cornerstone of our trading strategy's success.

    Alex Rothwell,

    Partner, Fort Capital Partners

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    As a client with a security constantly impacted by high-frequency trading, I can confidently say that partnering with this co-located low-latency market maker has been transformative for our trading patterns. The proximity to exchange servers and the cutting-edge technology they employ has significantly improved our quote balance and ADV, allowing us to capitalize and focus on opportunities knowing we have an appropriate cost of capital to work with. Their robust infrastructure and consistent system uptime have been crucial in maintaining our competitive edge in fast-paced markets. The professionalism and proactive support from their team have ensured that our needs and concerns are promptly addressed, making this partnership not only technologically beneficial but also exceptionally reliable.

    Ian Slater,

    Executive Chairman of the Board, Outcrop Silver & Gold Corporation

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    ICP Premium™ should be a foundational component of any public company. You're basing your decisions on the wrong information if you don't have ICP Premium™. By not engaging with ICP Premium™ you're disadvantaging your shareholders and you owe it to them to provide the real picture

    Kirk Gamley,

    Senior Consultant, Avanti Helium Corp. and EMP Metals Corp.

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    Since the implementation of ICP Premium™, we have seen an increase of 16% in our stock price and 50% in our average daily volume in one month. The algorithm has ensured that our quote is always healthy, as it is able to counterbalance large offerings with larger bids to encourage investor confidence and follow on participation. In our experience, the algo has operated seamlessly and with finesse. I would encourage any small or mid cap issuer to seriously consider ICP Premium™ from ICP Securities Inc. to bring value and support to current and prospective shareholders

    Shawn Dym,

    Chairman at Decibel Cannabis Co., Inc.