ICP Premium™ can help when…

  • Public market algorithms are causing down ticks in your stock that deter investor participation
  • Your stock doesn’t have enough volume
  • Your shareholders are not able to realize on liquidity

The Value of ICP Premium™

  • Implements a defence against toxic orders in your quote
  • Creates improved volume
  • Provides liquidity options in your quote

ICP Premium™ is a first of its kind, client serving automated market making algorithm encouraging volume, liquidity & defending toxic orders working against your quote! Defend, Drive and Dominate the Automated Market!

Did You Know

The US equity markets are approximately 70% denominated by algorithmic and bot trading according to a recent article in Benzinga here. By uniquely addressing a fundamental change in the marketplace and providing a first of its kind, client serving, automated market making solution in an automated market, allows you to enhance your quote and encourage investors.

What's more a full 40% (up from 15% in 2015) of all trading volumes now occur in dark pools in the US (here). As the first of its kind, designed with the client in mind, ICP Premium™ takes advantage of dark pool liquidity to improve volume in your security and work against toxic order flow lurking in these venues.