• What separates your market making services from other, more traditional market makers?
  • How are you able to provide more liquidity than traditional market makers?
  • How can Comprehensive Market Making from ICP Securities Inc. help my fundamental business success be reflected in the stock price?

We are able to unlock much more transparency in your trading than traditional market makers, as we are able to identify anonymous trading, as well as having access to the Bay Street ecosystem that provides us with true, plain, unbiased intelligence and communication about your stock.

Traditional market makers are simply maintaining a quote while we are able to find levels of resistance, figure out who is selling at those levels through our anonymous reports, and then work to clear those levels of resistance.

We discuss with the management teams of our clients to understand their business objectives in order to develop a strategy that better reflects the success of the fundamental business into the stock price, including helping to clear overhanging stock at resistance levels.

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